Our Values

These values underpin everything we do. They drive our core mission to transform architecture and guide us on every project we undertake for our clients.


We care about our clients’ success and recognise that, like everyone, they have their own pressures, challenges and competing priorities. So, we must always be considerate and flexible in working with them. This means understanding the specific context in which their businesses operate. By walking in their shoes, we’ll see everything from their perspective.


We take pride in delivering the outcomes that matter most to our clients. When there’s a problem to solve, we’ll own that problem. And by continually encouraging our people to grow, create and make brave decisions, we’ll improve, both as individuals and as a team. This will, in turn, empower our clients to make the right choices for their businesses.


Konvergent operates independently of any supplier, tool or methodology. To us, this is fundamental to great architecture. It empowers us to understand each client’s specific situation and business objectives before proposing solutions. Our commitment to objectivity extends to the diverse views of our team. By encouraging everyone to make their voice heard, we remain open to new ideas and fresh thinking.


Konvergent is reimagining architecture. We do this through simple, elegantly presented deliverables that resonate with all stakeholders across our clients’ businesses – even those not previously engaged by architecture. We also ensure that our own people operate within a transparent environment where they fully understand their role, their responsibilities and their path towards career growth.