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AaaS – an on demand service to augment your architecture team across a range of capabilities.

This will ensure you can meet the ever-changing shape of your change portfolio, and keep pace with your internal customer’s demands.

The challenge of the Chief Architect

Architecture managers are faced with familiar resource challenges that fall into two distinct categories


  • Architecture managers often don’t have access to a core group of resources that they truly trust
  • There are issues with a variable quality of resources and artefact production from multiple suppliers
  • The lack of neutrality in some of the vendor partnerships currently in place
  • The need to retain knowledge as projects flex in size


  • There is inconsistent demand for resources, but the need access to expertise fast
  • There is often the need for a new head of function to put a team together almost immediately
  • Restrictions on hiring permanent staff and a decimated contractor market due to IR35
  • Traditional models are rigid and slow down your access to resources

The Solution

Konvergent will provide the Architecture-as-a-Service capability to give you an on demand flexible extension of your current architecture capability when you need it and how you need it; from a handful of days a month to an instant architecture team or an on-demand capability.

Our solution gives you the best architects, consistency of output and the flexibility specifically designed to your organisation all managed via our light touch engagement management function essential for consistent delivery.

You can also be confident that there are no hidden downstream agendas with Konvergent as we are unique in the UK architecture services market for having no vendor partnerships, technical bias; just a focus on delivering the right outcomes for our clients

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An on-call extension to your architecture team  to ensure you can meet the ever changing shape of your portfolio, and keep pace with your internal customers demands.

Visual Excellence

Access to  the unique facility of the Konvergent Design Team, your artefacts and outputs will be at a quality that is guaranteed to “wow” the business and ensure that the hard work of your architecture function is not wasted through poor presentation


The stringent on and off boarding process, artefact storage and production run via the Engagement Management team will mean that all different resources to achieve the outcomes the consistency will be the same.


Put simply, you are only billed for the time that resources are engaged or for the outcomes delivered.  You no longer need to find additional budget to fit a traditional 5-day week, 3-month contract where it is not justified.  The model and ultimately service catalogue is always bespoke, as no two needs are ever the same


Gives you the high-level consistency of quality you would expect from your own team as each Konvergent architect is tried, tested and assured through our rigorous vetting methodology and engagement management overlay.

Constant Improvement

Knowledge retention, returning team members, constantly improving templates and design all ensure that the longer you work with Konvergent, the better the results will be.

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