Have you always wanted to turn your architecture and business change work into something that connects with your audience? Chief Architects often struggle to instigate the decisions that they need from their business stakeholders due to the way the message is presented. By combining bespoke visuals with a story telling narrative your stakeholders will understand what is required of them, thus ensuring that your strategic initiatives come to fruition.

Interactive Visual Communication

Taking your stakeholders on a journey is a key part of any Chief Architect's role. Let’s take roadmaps as an example. Traditionally, they are presented in a very linear way. The presenter would talk through a roadmap, that would often have dozens of pieces of information on it, for varying groups of stakeholders. However, they are usually put together in a way that is disengaging, as each individual stakeholder will only be interested in the work that is relevant to them.

What if you had access to a simple to use, beautifully custom designed roadmap? Easily show the synergy between projects, how one department influences another, costs, timelines, etc. The list is endless!

“ I presented our new interactive roadmap to our group COO in May, they loved it and appreciated the effort to establish such an easy to use roadmap. ”

— Dai David, CTO, Arup

Architecture Diagrams

The production of high quality architecture visuals is usually a stumbling block for architects. Your expert content is often not communicated with as much visual impact as it should be. You have very complex messages that need to be distilled. What may seem simple and obvious to an architect, can be difficult and confusing for stakeholders to interpret who are often presented with a one page view with around 50 different bit of information hitting them simultaneously.

Typically, business stakeholders do not like architecture diagrams. To get your desired outcome, you must make the messaging as easy and as visually appealing as possible for a stakeholder to understand. When you are trying to circulate your architecture vision across the business, which document would you rather be armed with? Don’t waste hours worrying about compiling a design that would be acceptable to the senior stakeholder community. Leave that to us.

Technical Presentations

When was the last time you had an “Aha!” moment when presenting your findings to your stakeholders? That moment when all of your blood, sweat and tears into the research and design was realised by your audience within the first few seconds of your presentation? A 40 page PowerPoint presentation will make your audience groan!

Poor quality visual communication combined with an overly long and dull narrative leads to you failing to truly land your message. The data overload becomes too much for the stakeholder to digest. Information needs to be fed in easy to consume and bite size chunks. Konvergent are experts in assisting Chief Architects to focus on the most salient points of their message and turning that into a series of stunning visuals that your stakeholder community is able to instantly identify with.


Right now your senior stakeholders are busier and more stressed than ever. Every department in your company is fighting for both budget and time from the key decision makers. However, they will have huge time pressures and multiple competing factors. When you finally get time with them your content needs to be memorable and create instant impact.


When producing a written report for a stakeholder, is it presented in a basic Word document? A professional document, that has a brochure or annual company report feel to it will massively enhance your branding and messaging. This is key when the work will be circulated amongst Senior Executives.

Much like Infographics, a document with emphasis on the finer details is much easier to recall and understand. We are experts in turning dull blocks of text into beautifully designed documents, with the and ensure that you are able to instigate the action needed from them.

Business Capability Models

Business Capability Models can take months to put together. They are the result of numerous stakeholder interviews, hours of pain staking research and are absolutely critical when it comes to getting senior stakeholder buy-in. It takes many hours to put them together, as you need to display it in such a way that becomes easy for the COO or CFO to eventually consume.


You’re trying to land your message with your most senior stakeholder. You know the type - the one that cancels your meetings at the very last minute, the one who never replies to your emails and never has any space in their diary. However, their patronage of your work is essential, but you can never find room to convince them of its worth as they will have 20 other conflicting priorities.

Instead of asking them to read your mundane 15-page PowerPoint presentation, can you imagine their reaction when you present them with a 90-second video instead? It is no surprise that senior executives engage with video content as much as anyone. 59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text (Wordstream).