Interactive Capability Dashboard

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The Challenges

The KV Design Studio were engaged to assist this client with visualising a capability review in a unique and interesting way, after fatigue had set in from months of reviewing colossal Powerpoint documents and over-complicated Visio diagrams. Stakeholders were disengaged and confused, and review meetings were lacking focus or structure. Most data existed only in extensive spreadsheets, so the ability to quickly compare current and target states was noticeably absent, as was any clear view of ownership or pain points, which had lead to an inevitable stalling of the project as a whole. 


The Solution

Our design team got to work reimagining the concept of a capability model, and turning it into an interactive experience that is visually appealing as well as easy to navigate. In order to reduce fatigue and increase engagement, reducing the amount of time it takes to understand this document was key. Capabilities were visualised as rev counters and software logos were added to make it immediately obvious what the capabilities were and how they were performing. Our client’s teams could now filter between different views and switches at the touch of a button rather than having to scroll through endless spreadsheets or presentations. Plus, the addition of a Capability Owner view meant more accountability and therefore renewed enthusiasm for the project.

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