Only 15% of business deliver on change programmes
When you get emotional over something the neocortex part of your brain overreacts and stops you from making rational decisions
9 out of 10 barriers are related to people, not technology
An experienced change master has 10x higher chance of success


Architecture is data driven, and your collateral will feature lots of it. The recommendations you make are based on data, so why would you not present this data in an innovative and more engaging way? Your stakeholders will not want to hunt for the pieces of data they require. They will want to be presented the information in an easy to understand format, which is why infographics are widely adopted within Architecture.


It is no surprise that infographics are now widely adopted when presenting data, as our brains process information in a visual format up to 60,000 times faster than text, which is why it makes sense to present data in this format to increase engagement. Colours can be customised to each scenario and match the brand using the infographics. This makes data easy to digest, as not everyone has the time to consume long-form content. They are also much easier to share with stakeholders than pieces of text, while establishing you as an expert on the topic. This infographic here is presented without being overloaded, while others may try to cram as many as possible onto one page – completely nullifying the purpose of using this format to present data.

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