Plug-in to on-demand expertise.

Experienced, expert resource and services to support your architecture team exactly when you need it – that’s Architecture as a Service. It’s the flexibility to rapidly enhance your team with the exact capabilities and specialist skills needed to deliver your goals.


Konvergent delivers much more than flexible experienced resource. Our added value service incorporates a range of unique support around service assurance, accelerators and internal architecture communication, bringing all of our expertise to successfully deliver your goals. All without the need for permanent overhead.

Konvergent’s AaaS is the flexible expertise your architecture function has been looking for.

Some of the key challenges Konvergent's AaaS resolves:

Managing capacity; fast & flexibly in challenging hiring conditions.

We can draw on our considerable internal and network resource to provide additional resource that is designed not just to deliver your project but also to work effectively with your specific team across business, enterprise, data and solution architecture.

Providing templates to accelerate delivery

By utilising Konvergent’s extensive service catalogue across architecture domains, we can help accelerate projects or improve existing templates by using the extensive library of artefacts we have built.

Ensuring consistency and knowledge retention within your overall project team.

You will be supported by an engagement management function whose job it is to ensure onboarding, off boarding, knowledge retention to ensure that you get a consistent high level of service. This also means that key project knowledge does not walk out of the door at the end of a contract.

Ensuring delivery and quality assurance across the outsourced team.

Every AaaS assignment at Konvergent has a key principle of delivery assurance. This means that every deliverable is quality assured through our peer-review process overseen by a Principal Consultant before being presented to you, so there is never just one brain looking at the problem.

Effectively communicating your goals and story to key stakeholders.

Konvergent has an award-winning architecture communication team that employs unique visualisation and presentation capabilities to bring key stake-holders on-board for your project.

Developing a transparent and flexible consumption model that meets your specific requirements.

You can consume the service how you want from ad-hoc resource augmentation through to a fully-fledged project team. Every element of the AaaS model (see below) is fully customisable to your specific needs.

The Architecture-as-a-Service Model

Our AaaS model places your challenges at the heart of the solution. The model is designed to add value to all areas or your team resourcing and management.  

Our proven model delivers results fast:

These case studies show what our Architecture-as-a-Service model has already achieved for our range of blue-chip clients. We look forward to doing the same for you.


Augmenting BT’s Architecture team
with “as-a-Service”


Promoting connectivity and collaboration with Solution Architecture-as-a-Service

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