So much is available as a service nowadays. So, why not architecture? In fact, after years of discussions, Konvergent is now pioneering Architecture-as-a-Service.
The benefits are clear:

Flexing Capacity

An on-demand extension to your architecture team, AaaS enables you to respond in an agile way to the ever-changing shape of your portfolio and keep pace with customers’ needs.

Transparency of Cost

Ditch the inefficiencies of the traditional ‘5-days-a-week,’ body-shopped contractor model. You will only be billed for either:
  • the time resources are engaged, or
  • the outcomes delivered.

IR35 Compliance

IR35 has disrupted how technology services are consumed. With Konvergent’s offering you can continue to access best in class architecture services and advice without having to outsource.

EA and SA as a Service

Now you can augment your architecture team with a suite of on-demand services across a range of capabilities, enabling you to react quickly to spikes in demand:
  • Through a consumption model for standard architecture deliverables.
  • When you need it and how you need it; from a handful of days per month, up to full-time.
  • Managed through our light-touch engagement-management function, for a consistent delivery experience.

Discover how Konvergent augmented BT’s Architecture team with as-a-Service.

How Does It Work?

Chief Architect /
Trusted Advisor
as a Service

Konvergent’s consultants have collectively amassed decades of experience as chief architects and senior technology strategists.

It’s a wealth of knowledge that you can call on to enhance your internal architecture function.
We can support you with relevant, independent advice that you can trust to help you navigate tricky problems.

The KV Coaching and Mentoring Service

The ongoing development of your team is a critical aspect of the Chief Architect role, so we’ve developed a series of courses with our training partner to help refine and develop your team’s skills.

They cover the latest techniques, such as integrated agile and business architecture.
They are delivered over 3-4 months (rather than soon forgotten one-day events).
Your team will work on live projects so they can see their skills develop.

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