Enterprise & Solution Architecture

At Konvergent, we understand architecture and its importance as a strategic enabler.

Done well, enterprise architecture enables all stakeholders to understand the roadmap for change and the investment profile. This generates confidence throughout the organisation. Konvergent has developed the following range of services that can help you use architecture to reach your full strategic potential.

Architecture Practice Development

As business evolves more and more rapidly, your architecture function must adapt accordingly. Konvergent has developed an architecture tool kit to help you keep up with the pace of change. 

Enhance your architecture function with the following capabilities:  

Operations Model ​

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A well-designed TOM is critical for describing how your architecture function should work.

  • Architecture maturity assessment
  • Architecture service card
  • Architecture role definition
  • Architecture operating model
  • Architecture maturity roadmap
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    Architecture Engagement
    and Branding

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    Make sure all your hard work is recognised and understood by key stakeholders – while demonstrating the importance of EA as a strategic enabler.

  • Architecture communications strategy
  • Architecture value proposition
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Architecture visualisations
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    Governance and

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    Helping you define the right amount of governance for your organisation.

  • Tools evaluation
  • Architecture reference models
         and blueprints
  • TDA establishment
  • Governance
  • Standards and Principles
  • Vendor Selection and SI governance

    One of Konvergent’s core values is to provide an independent, vendor-agnostic service. We do it in three stages:


    A capability modelling process to see where you’re currently spending your money and where you should be spending it.


    Helping the architecture team put together a business case for the recommended actions resulting from our findings.


    A vendor-agnostic selection process – not focusing on the features and benefits of the system but on user personas, which is how people would use the system every day in their jobs.

    Application Portfolio Health Check

    Most organisations have applications that they just don’t need. Streamlining your portfolio is an ongoing requirement of a healthy EA function.

    You can use our proven methodology to get answers to pressing questions like the following:
    Can you quantify the TCO and distribution of spend?
    Is your application spend correctly aligned to your business strategy? Or your digital strategy.
    Which applications can you completely decommission?
    See how an application health check can help mitigate business risks

    Solution Architecture

    Project-based solution architecture can cover multiple domains from integration to infrastructure, from digital to data. Having the right level of solution architecture expertise and support is essential if you’re to deliver upon your enterprise architecture vision. Konvergent covers the full range of architecture disciplines, with the same focus on EQ and IQ to help you deliver:
    Options Analysis and recommendations.
    HLD and detailed designs.
    Technical assurance / TDA.

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