Visualising Architecture

As an architect, you must communicate your ideas effectively to win over the wider organisation. Yet, your current tools produce visuals that are confusing and off-putting to non-specialists.

What we do:

Technical Architecture Diagrams

Intricate, boxy layouts with last century aesthetics will soon get your audience glancing at their wrists. We can make the most unintelligible diagram informative and engaging, whether for:

Tool Template

Inconsistent architectural visuals can harm your brand and diminish the value of your work. Enhance consistency of output, improve the comprehension of stakeholders and free your architects to focus on what they do best

Executive Communication

No more presenting to your business using 50-page PowerPoint slide decks. Konvergent’s presentations combine visuals and diagrams in interactive ways that help the C-Suite understand and get behind your project.
  • Interactive elements
  • Engaging visual schemes
  • Informative and focused

General Design

Whether you’re pursuing a one-off initiative or starting a new strategic journey, we’ll help you bring your ideas to life with:
Custom Video Content

How We Do It

The combined skills of our team will breathe life into your architectural designs while also maintaining a consistent look and feel. It will revolutionise the way you display information – informing and exciting the imagination of key stakeholders.


It begins with a series of questions to explore your current challenges.


We then work directly with your team on possible solutions. No idea is off the table until we’re all in agreement.


Next, we build the required artefacts based on ideas generated in the previous step.


Rigorous user testing of the data capture, prototypes and finished artefacts ensures they can easily be updated and maintained.


You’ll receive a highly engaging visual scheme, along with the document and raw files needed to maintain and adjust your original design.