How successful CIOs put architecture
at the forefront of the change agenda

Friday 22nd April 2022


Sara Heaven – Digital Enablement Director, BT.
Rod Alderton – Former CIO, RSA.
Jonathan Cole – Defense Director, BT. Former CIO, British Army.
David O’Hara – Head of Business Design, Konvergent.

Webinar Recording:

Proactive, forward-thinking architecture functions with the ability to tell their story are finding themselves working alongside the C-suite at the forefront of the change and transformation process. But for some organisations, the true power of architecture has yet to be harnessed.

To reach its full potential in these organisations and become a true enabler for change, architecture needs to adapt… and as we discovered in our last webinar, this needs to happen rapidly. Knowing where to start can be a challenge, so we’ve assembled a panel of CIOs and Digital Transformation Directors, who are working closely with architects as they embark upon change across their organisations.

Our panel will be sharing the secrets behind their success, discussing how architecture was at the forefront of their change agenda. What made them pay attention to their architecture function? What do your change leaders actually want (and require) from architecture?

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