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We’ve kept it simple with three service offerings that offer
minimum fuss and maximum adaptability to your context.

Architecture Consultants

When you simply need a skilled architect with a good head on their shoulders, you won't find a better partner to provide them. For over 25 years, we’ve supported architecture leaders by providing exceptional architects.

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as a Service

Fixed prices and quick deployment shouldn’t be reserved for DevOps. Konvergent offer you Architecture Outcomes and OnDemand, two liberating ways of getting the pace, quality and consistency of architecture you need.

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Architecture Accelerators

When you see the ideal moment to introduce a new approach, such as Business Capability Planning, don’t let your team’s lack of time or experience stop you. Konvergent’s packaged approach will jump-start your effort.

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We support your engagements with


Our experts support your projects with templates, comms and rich visuals.

Delivery Assurance

Our delivery assurance team ensure the quality of our approach and deliverables.

Mentoring and Coaching

Our ethos is to support every engagement with mentoring for your team.


Every situation and project needs a different blend of skills and expertise. In our 25 years of experience, we've developed rigorous assessment and deployment processes to allow us to expertly match our consultants to the particular needs of your project.

A Konvergent architect has the following DNA:

• Can deal with ambiguity
• Easy to work with
• Outcome driven

Case Study

Strategic Enterprise Architecture at Kier

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"Each time you engage, Konvergent ensure that they fully understand the requirement; this ensures that they are able to provide multiple, high quality resources and options to achieve your outcomes."

Richard Gray
Head of Architecture - Kier

Architecture as a Service

Two simple and flexible ways to extend your architecture team, giving you extra capacity when you need it most, in a cost-effective way.


Ever wished there were a
standard deliverable for standard solutions?

We believe some solution architecture deliverables only need patterns, context and smarts to make them fit your environment. We provide a rapid deliverables service adapted for your organisation. 

"Having engaged in two models, a deliverable based outcome and a specific resource requirement model, I can say that we have positively seen the breadth of the capability from within the organisation."

Richard Gray
Head of Architecture - Kier

On Demand

Never know what the business
will throw at you—or when?

A call-off mechanism to ensure you have a pre-on-boarded architect on-site in 48 hours, whether you need them for 2 days a week or for a short burst.


As Chief Architect , it’s challenging to get the ear of the business. You’ve finally got that golden opportunity and you need to move quickly, but you can’t shake the nagging worry that your team aren’t ready and time is running out.

Konvergent can bring a rapid injection of expertise, approach and one-on-one coaching to ensure you get the outcome you need—be it: 

  • landing a key strategic initiative 
  • the introduction of a new architecture domain 
  • an uplift in your architecture maturity 

Case Study

Business Capability

Planning at BT

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“The project allowed us to accelerate building out capability models for two critical areas of our business that were about to undergo significant transformations."

Rachel Higham
Managing Director of IT - BT Group
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