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We’ve kept it simple with three service offerings that offer
minimum fuss and maximum adaptability to your context.

Konvergent Consulting

Our consultancy practice provides you the industry knowledge, adaptability and expert skills you’ll need to run a successful change programme.

We transform architecture from a purely technical discipline to one that adds real strategic value to your business.

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Architecture as a Service

AaaS – an on demand service to augment your architecture team across a range of capabilities.

This will ensure you can meet the ever-changing shape of your change portfolio, and keep pace with your internal customer’s demands.


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Design as a Service

Clear, concise communication is at the heart of our design service. You need your presentations to influence and persuade at a senior executive level.

We simplify complex and difficult ideas to create the impact and outcomes you intended.

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We support your engagements with


Our experts support your projects with templates, comms and rich visuals.

Delivery Assurance

Our delivery assurance team ensure the quality of our approach and deliverables.

Mentoring and Coaching

Our ethos is to support every engagement with mentoring for your team.

Konvergent Consulting

We have a proven track record of transforming architecture from a purely technical discipline to one that is truly understood by the business and will add real strategic value.

With direct access to our global network of architects, you’ll immediately be supported by our highly skilled and qualified teams. They provide:

  • Specialist knowledge 
  • An accelerated process 
  • Outstanding value / exceptional value  
  • flexible approach  
  • Exceptional resources  

Through business led conversations we take the time to understand your goals and challenges. We refocus conversations with your stakeholders away from technology towards business priorities. 


Our recent engagements include: 

A global financial services company
A global telecommunications company

Architecture as a Service

An on-demand extension to augment your architecture team across a range of capabilities.

The pre-built and quality-assured virtual bench(es) mean you get the right architecture support on-site when you need it.

The model will ensure that you “right-size” your architecture team. You no longer need to find the budget to fit a traditional 5-day week assignment where it is not justified. 

The stringent on and offboarding process run through the Konvergent Architecture Office ensures knowledge retention and quality assurance.  This means that even though different resources may be used during the lifecycle of a project, the consistency of output and artefacts remains.  This will include access to architecture templates and bespoke design through the Design-as-a-Service function. 

Our architects have distinctive attributes: theyre collaborative, empathetic and can even provide a mentoring service for your existing workforce. Theyll communicate with your architects at a technical level as well as with your key stakeholders and senior executives at a business one. 

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Design as
a service

Konvergent places a huge emphasis on communication to help you persuade, inspire and influence.  

Our design studio will create presentations and diagrams which you can take to your senior level executives with confidence. 

Executive Presentations

You require a short presentation that will bring your senior executives along the journey with you. We can simplify complex and difficult ideas to create the impact intended. We know what to leave in, what to take out, and which key phrases will bring your presentation to life.

Our design studio will showcase your vision in the best possible way. Don’t let great architecture and analysis work be let down by a poor presentation.

Architecture Diagrams

The visual construct of architecture diagrams can be complex. Many architects and transformation consultants do not have a design background and focus on the content rather than the visual appeal.

We create diagrams which are straightforward and keep the audience in mind. By working with our Design Studio, you’ll turn your complex designs into visually pleasing, straightforward but effective diagrams.

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