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Konvergent is an enterprise architecture consulting organisation. We help clients overcome the many challenges they face in this area – from developing an IT strategy to resourcing project teams.

From a transformation to an off-the-shelf service

Whatever the size, context or timeframe of your current business challenge, you’ll find the right support in our menu of solutions. Our enterprise architecture and digital transformation services divide into four broad categories which you can explore below.


Konvergent can help you work out what is achievable and what technology and other components are needed to realise your strategic goals.

Enterprise & Solution

Ensure that stakeholders across the organisation understand the roadmap for change and the investment profile. This understanding generates confidence throughout your business.

Architecture as a Service

So much is available as a service nowadays. So, why not architecture? That’s why Konvergent is now pioneering Architecture-as-a-Service.

Visualising Architecture

Konvergent created the world’s first architecture visualisation service. Our team will revolutionise how you display information – exciting the imagination of key stakeholders.

Industries and Domains

Good architecture can enhance any discipline in any industry.

How we work

Typically, a consultancy will start project preparation after arrival on the first day. Konvergent are not your typical consultancy. By doing this in advance, our projects are driven at pace with a laser-like focus for the outputs you need. Our multidisciplinary teams combine architectural expertise, industry experience, and operational know-how to deliver you a competitive advantage. Think return, not burn.

3 critical elements of our service that give clients a great outcome

Always the best fit

We will augment your team seamlessly by taking the time to understand how you operate and getting clear on your vision, mission, goals and objectives.

A proven project management approach

We combine waterfall and agile methodologies in an approach that emphasises dual accountability, constant feedback, iterative progress and a driven focus on achieving project goals.

Engaging Visuals

We will provide visual dashboards that are visually engaging and can motivate and inspire senior stakeholders. This ensures that everyone’s hard work is not wasted through poor visual communications.

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