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The view from Gartner

The view from
Gartner CIO Symposium

Another year, another Gartner, though, as this one only mentions AI once, damn it, twice; it would not have cut this year’s symposium!


Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture often struggles to make the impact it needs, continuing to struggle with engagement at business and CIO level.


Contracting for Success

We invited David Cran and Mark Crichard of RPC to bring a new perspective to attendees’ technology issues at our latest roundtable.

AI and Architecture

Roundtable: AI and Architecture:
Augmentation or Disruption?

Seasoned speaker on Architecture and AI, Ollie Cronk recently shared his expertise at our roundtable.

The Value and Effectiveness of Architecture 2023 - Survey Results

Throughout Spring 2023, we asked nearly 3000 Chief Architects, architecture teams and other senior IT leaders…


The Value of Consensus
in Architecture

If consensus building and visualisation is not at the heart of everything in business design and EA, then what are…


10 Reasons why Architecture finds itself unable to measure its success

Since its inception, Architecture, in particular Enterprise Architecture, has found itself failing to measure its success…


Webinar: Is architecture
relevant in an engineering world?

Join our panel of experts as we discuss “Is architecture still relevant in an engineering world?”

People Centric EA -
Sessions with Konvergent

The 10th in the series of the Sessions with Konvergent roundtable events. Bridging Architecture Gaps: People Centric EA, With Dr Christine Stephenson.

Integrated Agile and the
Chief Architect

Integrated agile and governance is when multi-disciplinary teams apply agile approaches within their area of expertise…


November 2021 Insights

Here is a selection of the most pertinent and interesting reads for Chief Architects this month, alongside our thoughts.

Top 5 reasons why Architecture tools do not engage the business

An Architecture tool is considered an essential part of an architect’s armoury. 

The Importance of Visual Communication

Poorly conceived visualisation can distract your audience from your core messaging.

What the C-Suite needs from
Chief Architects

Different methods of communicating to your
C-Suite can influence your outcomes.

June 2021 Insights

Here is a selection of the most pertinent and interesting reads for Chief Architects this month, alongside our thoughts.

Does your Business Leader know what a Digital Workplace is?

The Digital Workplace is something all forward-thinking organisations should be planning…

March 2021 Insights

Articles regarding Communication and Agile Architecture that the Konvergent team believe may be of interest to you this month.
In just under half a year, Covid-19 has altered many businesses irrevocably.

Defining your
Digital Workplace

When it comes to architecting your Digital Workplace, it makes sense to consolidate as…

Are you prepared for life
in the cloud?

Are you adapting to a post-Covid life in the cloud? How will Covid affect your SaaS strategy?

Roundtable: Travelex

On Thursday the 16th of May, Travelex co-hosted the Konvergent Architecture Round Table…

The Architecture Funding Conundrum

Top tips to help you overcome your budget blockers.
On the 16th of May, 2018, Konvergent co-hosted an event with the Kier Group at their office…

Arup Data Services

We know a lot of Chief Architects and CTOs out there are grappling with a similar challenge…
As a consultancy which regularly advises on and resources major projects, we feel it’s fair to say…

Seasons Greetings from Konvergent

2020 has been a turbulent year for everyone and with Christmas approaching, we wanted to…

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