Joined up thinking from strategy to execution.

We enable organisations to achieve their business vision. We combine business strategy, business design, architecture and stakeholder communication, to achieve transformational change.

Designing your future

Konvergent specialises in delivering technology-based transformation consulting and expert architecture resource to support and transform core functions. C-suites and technology teams in blue chip organisations value our expertise and ability to communicate change to stakeholders.


Discover how we can help you make your transformation vision a reality.



Every business transformation programme begins by defining a vision for the future. Konvergent can help you work out what is achievable and what technology and other components are needed to realise your strategic goals.

Enterprise & Solution Architecture

At Konvergent, we understand architecture and its importance as a strategic enabler. Done well, it ensures that stakeholders across the organisation understand the roadmap for change and the investment profile. This understanding generates confidence throughout your business.


So much is available as a service nowadays. So, why not architecture? In fact, after years of discussions, Konvergent is now pioneering Architecture-as-a-Service. The benefits are clear.

Visualising Architecture

As an enterprise architect, you must communicate your ideas effectively to win over the wider organisation. But the visuals your current tools produce aren’t very inspiring. Our team will revolutionise how you display information – exciting the imagination of key stakeholders.


Define your future.

Business transformation to enable your strategic vision.

Enterprise Architecture

Design your change.

Enterprise architecture as an implementable blueprint for change.

Solution Architecture

Guide your change.

Delivering project focused architecture to deliver your vision.

Stakeholder Communication

Communicate your change.

Revolutionary communication to engage your stakeholders.

How we've helped others

These case studies show what’s been achieved for other organisations. Among them are several UK industry leaders. We could do the same for you.



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