Using Architecture
to Solve Your
Business Problems

We offer adaptable approaches and expert knowledge via our consultancy practice, high quality partners through our global network of architects and a professional design service to transform executive communication.

Our collaborative approach brings together a blend of methodologies and highly skilled architects to ensure you meet your objectives. We learn about your unique business culture so that our exceptional architects fit in seamlessly alongside your workforce to deliver the high-quality outcomes you expect.

Konvergent Consulting

Our consultancy practice provides you the industry knowledge, adaptability and expert skills you’ll need to run a successful change programme.

We transform architecture from a purely technical discipline to one that adds real strategic value to your business.

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Architecture as a Service

AaaS – an on demand service to augment your architecture team across a range of capabilities.

This will ensure you can meet the ever-changing shape of your change portfolio, and keep pace with your internal customer’s demands.


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Design as a Service

Clear, concise communication is at the heart of our design service. You need your presentations to influence and persuade at a senior executive level.

We simplify complex and difficult ideas to create the impact and outcomes you intended.

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Case Study: Travelex-Aligning Strategy to Operational Execution
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Travelex - Aligning Strategy to Operational Execution

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Case Study: Fighting Transformation Fatigue
Case Study

Fighting Transformation Fatigue

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