Business Design

Every business transformation programme begins by defining a vision for the future. Konvergent can help you work out what is achievable and what technology and other components are needed to realise your strategic goals.

Target Operating Model

A well-defined TOM is a vital reference point in describing how an organisation should actually work. Konvergent can help you:
Get clear about the existing operational structure.
Identify potential efficiencies and cost savings across the business.
Find the ‘North Star’ direction that all aspects of the architecture must drive towards.


Every transformational journey needs a clear, concise plan that is easy to follow.

We will help you develop a plan that stakeholders can buy into, so you can unify differing agendas around a common goal. A clear path is then created that supports good decision-making and minimises wasted effort.
  • Transformation governance and guidance.
  • Clear transition states and milestones.
  • The components needed to support change.


At Konvergent, CBP is a key foundation for strategic architecture. It’s the reference point for all the critical decisions that follow. It also creates a common language across stakeholders in business and technology, enabling you to:
  • Identify misalignment of your current plans with strategic intent.
  • Reduce duplication operations across the project portfolio.
  • Invest more efficiently, and in the right areas.

" Konvergent are always up front and honest - without this I would struggle to maintain a true partnership "

Dai David, CTO

M&A Planning:
Pre- and Post- Transaction

One of the most dynamic and productive uses of Architecture is before, during and after an acquisition or divestiture. Strategic fit matters, but so does the integration of technology, process, applications and data.

Konvergent will:

Help you identify the risks, costs and synergies of an acquisition
Advise you on the integration roadmap and strategy
Provide post-transaction support

Data Strategy

Becoming a mature data-driven organisation is a long journey that requires careful navigation. Our expertise and experience make us the ideal partner to help you:
  • Identify where your current plans and your strategy aren’t aligned.
  • Reduce duplication operations across the project portfolio.
  • Invest more efficiently, and in the right areas.

Cloud Strategy and Digital Transformation

Moving to the cloud is not just about the lift and shift of applications, stored files and databases. It requires a company-wide transformation in culture and mindset, along with a fully business-engaged strategy. At Konvergent, experience has shown us:
  • It’s 90% about people, processes and data (not applications and infrastructure).
  • It requires adaptation, education and management of expectations.
  • Multifaceted transformation demands architects with high EQ (not just IQ).

Digital Workplace Strategy

The workplace revolution has been enormously accelerated in recent times. Organisations are being forced to change in response to pressures to become flexible, digital and more cost effective. How ready are you?


Konvergent will help you:

Unlock the potential of your nascent technology ecosystem
Define your property and office-space planning
Remain aligned with the inherent cultural change that has happened
Find out why not investing in a digital workplace will make your competitors more productive, flexible and employee-friendly.

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