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Change is a constant. Konvergent helps de-risk your change through identifying your strategic priorities, understanding the options available and the real-world impact of implementing them.


Combining elements of business strategy, business architecture and human centric design, our business design consulting helps define the future of your business. Whatever level of transformational change is required, Konvergent identifies the optimal technology eco-system you need to deliver to define your target operating model, deliver your strategic goals and drive ROI.

“The project allowed us to accelerate building out capability models for two critical areas of our business that were about to undergo significant transformations. Having artefacts in business language helped enormously with building trust with our stakeholders that we understood their business domain and provided a transparent level of objectivity in the evaluation of alternative options. The project also upskilled our internal team so that they can now go forward and build out these critical models on their own.”

Rachel Higham, Managing Director of IT


“Design-led firms win the business advantage.”




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