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Today’s operations teams face challenges on many fronts. To continually improve operational efficiency and resilience while building competitive advantage requires world-class digital transformation capabilities.


Konvergent is expert at working with core function areas to ensure their technology is aligned to drive the business forward towards the future vision. Our experience allows your teams to achieve their transformation goals, develop robust, transparent supply chains, streamline processes, create efficiency savings and improve the employee experience.

“We need to use this approach across the whole of our business.” COO Travelex

“The new face of the COO is to instigate transformational change by translating business and customer strategies into innovative offerings.”

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Case Studies

Like a number of well-established businesses that held a dominant position in the market…

Recognising the need to invest in the Technology Organisation at all levels, BT’s IT Leadership…

Our client intended to launch a ‘single tie’ product linking both capabilities of…

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