Our Story

It started with a conversation. It became an enterprise architecture consulting company with a roster of major clients. And gradually it’s evolved into a mission to change the entire way architecture is done. This is the story of Konvergent.


Picture of Jez, a Partner at Konvergent
Picture of Ben, a Partner at Konvergent

How it all started

Business rivals Jez Etherington and Ben Clark originally met at an architecture conference and soon realised they had similar views about the industry. Over subsequent coffee catch-ups, they envisioned a new type of consultancy to provide flexible resourcing for architecture projects. From these conversations, Konvergent was born.


First major strategy transformation programme – Cloud Store

Konvergent delivered the group cloud strategy for 27 separate operating companies – along with subsequent programme architecture for a then pioneering hybrid cloud marketplace concept. Our team set up one of the first agile project constructs at Vodafone. It delivered the proof of concept before being transitioned to the in-house teams.


First Konvergent Chief Architecture Roundtable

This regular event has been bringing together the chief architect community for five years. The format is simple: invite a select group of architecture leaders, get a keynote speaker on a salient topic and leave lots of time for discussion, networking and coffee! The community now has over 150 active members.


TOM Design at BT

Konvergent were assigned to support the TOM work for BT’s vast Technology, Service and Operations division. They were undergoing a major transformation to a service-based operating model and we took over the architecture work stream.

Enterprise architecture practice development and maturity uplifts

The first of a series of enterprise architecture practice development and maturity uplifts for clients including BT and Kier. Konvergent’s revenue has grown 100% since 2015.


Delivered a key strategic findings document to Arup

It enabled them to begin transforming their global HR estate.

Leading the way

Konvergent was among the forerunners in bringing AaaS (Architecture as a Service) to the market.


Bringing architecture to the boardroom – Travelex

Travelex engaged Konvergent to re-frame the group’s finance transformation. Originally tech-platform led, it would in future be anchored in business capability modelling. The end result was sensational. The COO and CFO were so impressed, they asked us to support the group’s HR transformation. As the COO commented,
“This is the approach we need to take across the whole business.”

Magical savings

Konvergent helped a magic circle law firm to strategically analyse their current system implementation. Over six weeks, our suggested changes saved them around £500,000.


A world first

We launched the world’s only architecture communication studio. Making architecture accessible to the business is a vital part of taking it to the boardroom.

See what we do in the community

Here at Konvergent, we recognise that, like every organisation, we have responsibilities to the community in which we operate. We intend to be a positive influence both locally and in terms of the broader environment. Find out more about what we’ve done.