Stakeholder Communication

Many transformations fail not because of poor design but because of poor communication to stakeholders and decision-makers within the business. Uniquely, Konvergent combines revolutionary stakeholder communication capabilities with business design, enterprise architecture and solution architecture.


We make business capability models, strategic plans and customer journeys compelling for non-technical audiences. Now, the scope of your transformation and the impact on the user experience is clear right across the business. This ensures better decision making, faster delivery and improved ROI.

“This is the first time I’ve ever walked out of a meeting with IT feeling like we were talking the same language.” Barbara Anderson Head of Strategic Programmes Supply Chain, BT
“To create win-win situations, teams on all sides need to interact harmoniously with streamlined communication and a solid strategy.” Forbes



Case Studies - Stakeholder Communication


Providing clarity for
the C-Suite of a
Pharmaceutical giant

By driving live data to one of our visual tools via an API, the C-Suite at this Pharmaceutical giant had an executive dashboard that provided clarity, giving them an understanding of costs, the application portfolio and their dependencies. As explained best by C-Suite member: “In half an hour we understood what we have been looking at for nearly a year.”


Transforming The British Library's stakeholders understanding of their Technology Roadmap

Having previously communicated their Technology Roadmaps via Word and Excel, The British Library finally had a solution to visualise a huge amount of data, allowing senior stakeholders to be communicated to in a language that they understood, leaving the CTO “in awe” of the deliverable.


Enabling the board to
make critical decisions
on their M&A journey

As part of their M&A journey, our client wanted to achieve their key strategic objectives, but had limited understanding of the current state, capabilities, data and technology assets across the group. Konvergent provided insights that were consolidated and visualised in an interactive digital portal which was used to present and support Executive/Board meeting updates and strategic group decision-making.

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