Is Architecture still relevant
in an Engineering world?

Friday 28th January 2022

Panelists: David O’Hara, Rabih Arzouni, Tricia Deane, Adeline Goh, Stephen Jones

Webinar Recording:

As most industries rush to digitise, the architect’s role is changing rapidly. Some even argue that the job title itself faces extinction. With organisations worldwide investing millions in DevOps functions, it’s no surprise that architects everywhere feel threatened and face pressure to change.

However, in the end, if an organisation is to accomplish its goals and achieve its vision, its architecture and engineering teams must learn to collaborate based on a mutual understanding and cooperation.

Join our panel of experts: Rabih Arzouni, Tricia Deane, Adeline Goh and Stephen Jones, as we discuss “Is architecture still relevant in an engineering world?”

Poll Results:

Those in attendance at the webinar answered polls throughout, to understand the issues discussed during the webinar in real world settings. The results are as follows:


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