The Importance of
Visual Communication

Poorly conceived visualisation can distract your audience from your core messaging.

Content that is poorly presented not only has the potential to corrupt your narrative, but threatens the effectiveness of your
entire communications strategy. (Visage Inc, 2017)


of the population are visual learners
(Pearson Education)

Harvard Business Review state that…

“Visual communication is a must-have skill for all managers”


it can hugely enhance your reputation amongst key stakeholders too.

When used correctly, the use of visual elements in communications is 


Don't send your stakeholders to sleep

Software company TechSmith conducted research that demonstrated outdated non-visual communication methods can actually lead to a decrease in morale and motivation for employees, up to 47%

Visual Communication enhances your Business in three ways:



People only recall 10-20% of spoken or written
word compared to 50% of visual content.



MIT neuroscientists discovered that the brain can identify images seen in as little as 13 milliseconds.




People are far more likely to remember visuals
rather than numbers and words.

Taking Stakeholders on a journey

Allianz tried this by introducing people to their future self. They allowed individuals to upload a portrait of themselves into a portal, and using very inexpensive software, were able to ‘age’ the individual. The aged individual then exhibited different facial expressions based on their retirement income. This simple visual communications tool developed by Allianz saw pension savings amounts double.

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