Research Report

The Value and Effectiveness
of Architecture - 2023 Survey Results

May 2023

What is the effectiveness of your architecture function? How well do functions quantify their value in order to deliver results for their organisations?


This is what we set out to find with the first edition of The Value and Effectiveness of Architecture survey. The purpose of this survey was to gather insights relating to the value of architecture, and its efficiency within organisations, so that improvements can be made during this time of economic challenge.


Putting quantitative information into qualitative data is something that we are very passionate about, as it helps you deliver results. We hope that these previously unquantifiable results will help guide changes which can be used to help make your architecture function and deliver more value to your organisation.

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  • The blocks hindering architecture’s value and efficiency
  • Solutions to overcome these blocks
  • How your function can start to show an ROI to stakeholders
  • The metrics that can bring measurable value to your architecture
  • Methods to improve architecture’s value and efficiency

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