Case Study

Enabling product innovation through Business Architecture

Project Details


A leading provider of retirement products

Konvergent Team:



  • Help our client carry out an Architecture impact & options assessment to support MVP product launch.

  • Enable the Business Architecture team to raise their profile and value-add to an Enterprise Level

Project Dates:

Spring 2021 – 6 weeks

Linking capabilities to enable a unique, market-leading service offering.

A leading provider of retirement income products and services with two distinct business lines approached Konvergent with a problem ideally suited for business architecture to solve. Historically, these two parts of the business have remained entirely separate, with no sharing of capability or data, resulting in two separate architectures.

In partnership with a third party, they intend to launch a ‘single tie’ product linking both capabilities of their existing business to enable a unique, market-leading service offering. This presents clear challenges: enabling a seamless omnichannel customer experience requiring shared data across two separate lines of business in an aggressive timeline, against a backdrop of ongoing digital transformation in the respective lines of business and low enterprise architecture maturity.

Using Business Architecture expertise to add value at enterprise level.

Help the two parts of the organisation carry out an architecture impact & options assessment to support the MVP product launch.
  • Using our expertise in business architecture consulting to enable incumbent architecture team to raise their profile and value-add to an enterprise-level
  • Align disparate stakeholders and help to transcend organisational silos
  • Identify impacts on both operating models driven by new product features
  • Highlight pain points, risks and opportunities
  • Identify ‘no-regrets’ actions to enable MVP product launch
  • Create a high-level Roadmap to move beyond the MVP
  • Align strategic change initiatives
  • Provide actionable recommendations to uplift the business architecture practice

Empowering their team.

Work as an extension of the business architecture team: bring proven best-practice, lead by example, empower the team.

  • Create an enterprise-wide perspective, defining a high-level capability model aligning both parts of the organisation
  • Map the third party customer journey to the organisations and capabilities – creating a unified, E2E view at an operational level
  • Provide traceability between internal capabilities and the value and experience delivered to customers
  • Evaluate the impacts on people, process, information and technology, identify options to create the required capacity and capability
  • Define a logical transition roadmap and high-level description of the end state to present a unified and cohesive plan of action
  • Identify alignment between strategy and current execution trajectory. Highlights gaps in the current execution trajectory

Unifying stakeholders and roadmapping the product.

  • The setting out a clear action plan to MVP product launch, enabling first-to-market innovation
  • The creation of world-class, unique architecture visuals to provide the fully immersive customer journey for the stakeholders
  • Delighted customer
  • Unifying the ‘big picture’ across the E2E Customer Journey
  • Identifying the critical business decisions and success factors
  • Bringing together disparate stakeholders via a cross-business Design Forum
  • Providing a common reference point for Commercial, Operations and IT
  • Establishing a Customer Experience-aligned architecture
  • Setting out the path forward for the product including a high-level roadmap

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