AllGuard Interactive Architecture Diagram

This diagram is interactive, try for yourself!

To see how the diagram looked previously click the “before/after” toggle in the top left-hand corner

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The Challenges

Firstly, information is confusing and text is almost illegible. This means that the Architect is unable to highlight the journey that the customer should be taken on. How does an architect truly aim to show how UX can be improved when using a diagram such as this? The colour scheme resembles a Fruit Pastilles Lollipop more than an Architecture Diagram worthy of being shared around the brand. The diagram looks extremely dated and a poorly designed layout does not allow for a story to be told. Finally, stickmen should never be used to represent the end user.


The Solution

The diagram required a mass overhaul. Using a modern font, icons, boxes and layouts, the diagram can now be circulated with confidence. The colours used fit the branding of AllGuard perfectly unlike its predecessor. The Diagram was also made interactive, which actually allows the Architect to show the journey the Client will be on. This also highlights how the roles and services will actually integrate and influence each other. Here, the path both insurer and client will face when claims are made. The diagram is much easier to read and allows for more information to be strategically placed within it.

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