ArchiMate Diagram Transformation

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The Challenges

After hours of background design and research while ensuring architecture rigour, our client was in a position to present the findings to a key stakeholder where they needed to instigate action to key issues regarding the reporting of information through the life cycle. However, during their meeting, they heard the words that no architect wants to hear… “that looks awful” and “I don’t understand what is going on”, with the absolute worst of them all: “I have no idea what you want me to do”. In short, the meeting lasted around about 5 mins and was an absolute disaster. This is because users are hit with around 40 pieces of information from the offset. Labelling is unclear, imagery is unclear, text is covered by other pieces of text. No wonder the meeting lasted just 5 minutes.


The Solution

Due to the quantity of information required, the first step was to make this diagram completely interactive. This allows information to be hidden under layers, making the diagram much cleaner at first sight. Information is now clearly presented, allowing the Architect to take the stakeholders on a journey. They were finally engaged with what was being clearly presented, as information is fed to them in bitesize chunks. The diagram also now looks like a tool the business can use, rather than looking like a diagram that has aged 25 years. In terms of what this means for the client, discussions are now taking place regarding the landscape within, as the stakeholders finally understand the message being conveyed.

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