Case Study

Arup HR Global Transformation

Project Details



Konvergent Team:

8 Consultants


The Konvergent People and Experience practice was engaged to help bring industry expertise in HR technology, transformation and architecture, new ideas and clarity to a seemingly complex set of problems. We worked closely with the Arup leadership team to guide them through a process of identifying where to start, what to focus on and where to invest time and money.

Project Dates:

July 18 – Present


Delivering quality and value was paramount.

Arup, a market-leading design and engineering professional services firm, realised that they needed to keep pace with the demands of managing a global workforce and provide a class-leading experience for their people.  


Being a proudly independent member-led firm, their expectations were naturally high, and their desire to deliver quality and value was paramount. 

Finding the right solution for a global workforce.


  • 34 countries
  • 17,000 members 
  • 8-person consulting team
  • 3 year + transformation programme
  • Entire member/HR process lifecycle transformation

They knew data was an issue, and users were very unhappy with the current systems but weren’t sure where to start and needed support on how to achieve that ambition. 


The landscape of technology had evolved over many years to a fragmented picture of global and local point solutions, which didn’t provide the service that anyone needed in the People Teams and gave a poor experience to Members. 


Members and Managers wouldn’t engage with ineffective or poor self-service, and in turn, the People teams carried an operational burden that moved them toward a lower value but ‘high touch’ service. In addition, a lack of trust in data meant the systems became increasingly less reliable, and the reason to use the technology became harder to justify. 

  • Outdated HR technology landscape that wasn’t delivering for the business or employees.
  • Major issues around data consistency, process inefficiency and an inability to gain real insight and reporting.
  • Struggling to make sense of the confusing vendor landscape and identify who could offer the best technology for their needs  

The Konvergent People and Experience practice were engaged to help bring industry expertise in HR technology, transformationarchitecture & business design, new ideas and clarity to a seemingly complex set of problems. Taking a strategic architecture and business design approach, Konvergent worked closely with the Arup leadership team to guide them through a process of identifying where to start, what to focus on and where to invest time and money. 

Defining the HR technology strategy and supporting its transformation.

  • ​Defining the HR technology strategy, advising on the complex and rapidly changing HR technology market 
  • Creating actionable roadmaps and plans for delivery 
  • Direct the procurement process and advice on product selection (RFI/RFP), including accelerators and running persona-based demonstrations for all regions. 
  • Transformation support: a methodology for the preparation of SaaS programme and lead transformation programme delivery with quick start accelerators. 
  • Put together an outstanding, lean and experienced team of HR and data professionals of the highest calibre. 

Simplifying the ecosystem to reduce footprint by up to 50%.

  • Development of a global people technology strategy that supported the international people and digital strategy 
  • Development of the business case presented to board level that accessed over the budget required to deliver a five-year global transformation programme. 
  • A streamlined process for selecting a vendor that would take Arup toward the strategic goals and solve immediate problems but focused on overall business rather than technology fit. 
  • A solution that cost no more than the existing set of solutions and gave a radical uplift in capability plus areas which were currently manual and not supported by any technology 
  • A simplified People technology ecosystem with a target architecture that once completed will reduce the footprint by up to 50% 
  • Accelerators which reduced the time to complete readiness for delivery 
  • Production of high-quality visual outputs that informed every stakeholder involved in the process of what decisions they needed to make 
  • A transformation approach that enabled quick programme mobilisation and adoption of HR best practices globally 

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