Case Study

Augmenting BT's Architecture team with Managed Service

Project Details



Konvergent Team:

We provided an on-demand team of 10:

  • Director of Consulting
  • Head of Architecture Visualisation
  • Project Management Support
  • 7 Principle Consultants

Project Dates:

Apr 21 – current

Managing multiple projects on a deliverables basis.

BT implemented Konvergent’s Managed Service model in April 2021.  Due to their ever-changing portfolio, they required a combination of different resources at each stage of the project lifecycle for a variety of projects. BT needed an organisation that could manage multiple architecture consulting projects on a deliverables basis.


The engagement was implemented using a ‘drawdown’ for cap-ex projects. A fixed sum was allocated from a central fund which each SoW could draw from. Konvergent was responsible for delivering each SoW until the completion of the assignment.

Easy access to specialist expertise.

As well as providing access to our existing permanent employees, the Managed Service construct enabled BT to call on the specialist expertise of our associates. They could then deliver on projects requiring a wide range of skills and expertise within architecture, including:

  • Mobile deployment Solution Architecture
  • Data Architecture
  • Enterprise and Solution Cloud Architecture
  • Integration and API Architecture
  • Automation Architecture
  • Marketing Technology Architecture
  • CRM Architecture
  • Architecture Visualisation

Embedding a core team.

In advance of the engagement, in February 2021, Konvergent worked with BT procurement and our core stakeholders to estimate the yearly spend to be written into a master Managed Service SoW. The projects could then draw down on funds as requested.

Next, Konvergent embedded the core team of the Director of Consulting and Senior Project Manager into the working environment. All artefacts were stored on Microsoft Teams so that the consultants could access each other’s work and the client could see what was happening within each project at any time.

BT Augmenting with AaaS

For each individual request, an SoW was drafted, revised and signed off. Each new project would start with a 1 – 6 week discovery phase depending on the length of the engagement. This enabled follow-on deliverables to be correctly identified and the timescale and team size quantified with the core AaaS ranging from Capability Assessment to Digital and Emerging Technology Gap Analysis selected.

We then passed these requests to our resource management team, who deployed either one full-time or two part-time permanent consultants. They also reached out to our associate network whenever there was a requirement for specialist skills.


The work was paid for on deliverables only. So, Konvergent submitted service reports for each project at the designated milestone date. 

Off boarded consultants were fully debriefed and all information relating to each project was carefully stored. Konvergent was able to run a 1-2 day induction course for all incoming consultants to get them up to speed on a project without BT providing a time and cost expense.

Breaking deadlock between stakeholders.

  • Three projects swapped out resources while underway when the discovery phase indicated a need to change direction. There was no additional cost to BT and only a tiny delay in project time scales.
  • The integrated architecture visualisation and consultant team consolidated four different business capability models onto one. This transformed a completely inaccessible 250-page PowerPoint presentation into an immersive interactive document that has enhanced the standing of architecture within the business.
  • The architecture visualisation of the existing cloud estate helped to break a deadlock between stakeholders.
  • The mobile solution project finished early when Konvergent concluded that no RFP was required as the existing technology supported the business requirement. The funds were redistributed into the central pot.
  • Significant cost savings in marketing licences were immediately identified.

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