BiZZdesign Diagram Transformation

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The Challenges

Architecture Tools are made for Architects, not for those who rely upon the tools to inform them on a decision the business is required to take. Therefore, to the non-architect who is likely making the decision regarding the project, findings such as those shown in the original document are only going to confuse them further. This was the case for the architect on this project, who unfortunately undermined his valuable work by presenting unclear findings. As Wolfgang Goebel states in Enterprise Design Patterns, “Enterprise Design creations can be confusingly complex, technical, graphically ugly, and unclear. Such creations do not provide the user experience needed to make people participate.” Information on the original piece of work was overloaded onto one page, making the view even more confusing, leaving stakeholders unaware of where to divert their attention.


The Solution

After being given a 21st century facelift, the document is instantly much more visually appealing. Our architect reported that feelings of confusion and anger turned into intrigue and excitement after being presented with this version, as they had not come across findings presented in this way before. Information overload has been removed upon first viewing, but the architects information is not lost, as by clicking on Points of Interest, all information can be found in an easily digestible and understandable format. Interactivity has really brought these findings to life, allowing the architect to highlight baseline, interim and target stages with ease. Senior stakeholders are now keen to adopt this format across all current and future architecture projects.

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