Business Capability Model

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Too often, BCM's fail to truly showcase the organisational story.

Business Capability Models can take months to put together. They are the result of numerous stakeholder interviews, hours of pain staking research and are absolutely critical when it comes to getting senior stakeholder buy-in. Too often they fail to truly showcase the organisational story due to poor layouts, conflicting information and a lack of detail. This isn’t the fault of the architect, they have tons of expert knowledge, but conveying this knowledge clearly within a BCM is often a challenge we see.


Presenting in a modern format produces a more accurate picture of the true scope.

Firstly, we presented the BCM in a much more modern format than the client was used to seeing through archaic tools such as ArchiMate. This allows each function to be shown clearly with more detail available. In this example, it also allows us to highlight all the relevant business capabilites clearly with more information being readily available, but without being overbearing. This allowed us to produce a more complete and accurate picture of the true scope.

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