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British Library Bespoke Interactive Technology Roadmap


British Library

Time Period:

5 days

(plus updates)


Design Studio

Producing an interactive roadmap to effectively communicate the technology strategy.

Like many organisations at the time, The British Library had to make adjustments to their technology strategy in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Having previously visualised this in programs such as Excel and Word, they required a new way of effectively communicating the updated technology strategy throughout the business.

Konvergent were engaged to produce a bespoke, interactive roadmap for the new technology strategy by The British Library’s Head of Architecture, Paul Clements. The solution needed to be accessible by a number of key stakeholders, capturing their attention instantly. Detailed levels of information needed to be just a click away. A clear, concise and intuitive interface was also required, as this was to be used primarily as a communications tool within the business.

The volatility of the Covid-19 pandemic also meant that the technology roadmap required updates on a regular basis. As such, understanding dependencies within the organisation was another key requirement

Allowing senior stakeholders to be communicated to in a language they understand.

The British Library required a bespoke solution to their challenge. Previous iterations of their Technology Strategy Roadmap held too much data in one view, making it hard to understand in a short time. To combat this, Konvergent produced an interactive roadmap with two views: A ‘Sunray view’ and a ‘Swimlane view’, allowing different stakeholders to consume the roadmap as suited them. This would allow senior stakeholders to be communicated to in a language that they understood.


Technology Roadmaps require huge volumes of data, but information overload was causing fatigue amongst senior stakeholders at The British Library. To solve this, Konvergent created multiple interactive features and overlays, including: RAG filters, Categories filters, Individual point overlays, Principles filters and Dependencies. This ensures that the roadmap stays data rich, but the data is fed to stakeholders in much more consumable chunks. A range of low to high detail views kept the interactive roadmap true to the goal of being an inclusive visualisation tool.


As this was a bespoke tool, it was designed to match the exact requirements and brand of The British Library. The relationship with client continues as this tool is easily maintained and updated by the Konvergent Design Studio.

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