Huscot Presentation


The Challenges

We often find that Architecture Presentations are filled with expert knowledge and data, but an overload of information can become a huge distraction when presenting to your stakeholders. You only have 3 minutes to grab your audience’s attention, so it is vital they are not lost or confused from the offset. The presentation deck we were first given was not suitable for its intent, it was too technical, overly detailed and took far too long to get the the point. It was not what the client needed to get the attention of their senior stakeholders. Stakeholders do not want to sit through unengaging presentations, waiting to get to the information they need to make an informed decision. Data and results were also poorly presented throughout the deck with dull tables, and statistics getting lost within large chunks of text, leaving stakeholders not having clear conclusive results laid out in front of them.


The Solution

Firstly, we re-branded the presentation to the clients brand guidelines to give it consistency and identity recognition. The new professional feel allows for the presentation to be readily circulated around the business. The key points that Huscot’s Architects needed their stakeholders to understand are highlighted throughout, allowing the architects to clearly show the decisions they stand behind. Vital bits of data were also turned into animated infographics, making the framework much more digestible as pictures & graphics are far more accessible for the human brain to recall. The use of animation in the framework towards the end of the presentation allows the architect to take their stakeholders on a journey, with recommendations clearly highlighted at the end. Your stakeholders will look to you for these recommendations based on the data that is presented to them.

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