Interactive Roadmap

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Traditional Business Roadmaps tend to be one dimensional models with information overload.

Traditional Business Roadmaps tend to be put together using tools such as Archimate and BizzDesign, and the final product you are presented with looks archaic and straight from a time where Windows 98 was the latest and greatest operating system. They are one dimensional, static models that carry an overload of information on them. This overload makes it difficult for the business and stakeholders to truly understand the message trying to be conveyed. Each individual stakeholder will only be interested in the information which is relevant to themselves, making this overload of information counter intuitive.


Transforming them into an interactive document creates a much cleaner and more immersive experience.

Firstly, the one dimensional roadmap is transformed into a fully interactive document, bringing the tool to life. This makes the experience clean and immersive. All the details your stakeholders require is still there, it is just hidden away and reachable in just a few clicks. This allows information to be fed in bite size chunks. You can do so much more with a Roadmap when it is interactive though. The relationship between certain projects can be highlighted, projects can be broken down by department, and timelines instantly produced in a clear format based on the information within the Roadmap. These documents are completely customisable and designed to show your stakeholders what your stakeholders need and want to see. The list is endless.

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