The Sub Bench Explainer Video


The Challenges

As a visual species, humans find videos more engaging, more memorable, and more popular than any other type of content out there. The Sub Bench recognised this and decided to swap their introductory explainers to new clients from text over emails and PDF format, to video. The concept they were trying to explain may confuse some readers over text, while also only being available on one format – PDF. This also limits the shareability of the document.


The Solution

Reading a 5 page PDF can be time consuming and quite mundane, but as 59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text, The Sub Bench used this method to drive engagement. Tracking downloads of the previous PDF document, they reached double figures of PDF downloads. Video format managed triple figure views, increasing CTR’s and exposure. Colour palette’s and animations were used which matched the brand, giving a very professional feel and increasing brand perception. Video content is also much easier to share, as it can be sent/posted onto a variety of platforms, increasing exposure further.

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